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The nature of sexual energy is neutral.  When this energy (Chi) is circulated through the body it will enter the internal organs, hopefully because you consciously guided it there.  Being a neutral force, it will simply amplify what is already there, balanced or not.  It does not differentiate god/bad, positive/negative, balance or imbalance; it simply amplifies. Therefore, it is crucial to attain a state of physical and emotional balance prior to beginning work with sexual energy.  We begin to attain this state by practicing the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds meditations.  We have condensed the two practices to one and simplified them on this website.  To truly understand this practice, one must work with a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor, but you may begin to explore by using the material below and reading the book Transform Negative Energy Into Positive Vitality, The Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds by Master Mantak Chia.
            Next, we must be able to move the sexual energy.  There are many channels in the body in which sexual energy may safely and easily flow.  Here, we work with a fundamental Channel, the MicroCosmic Orbit, which is formed by connecting the front, or Functional Channel with the rear, or Governor Channel.  This, we will explain here, so read on. Again, to truly understand this practice, one must work with a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor, but you may begin to explore by using the material below and reading Awaken Healing Light of the Tao by Master Mantak Chia.
            Last, we must physically give structure to the body for a well-rounded system of health.  Tendon and muscle power are essential for good health, so we practice a few standing postures to tonify the body.  This we call Iron Shirt Chi Kung.  Later, you may learn Tai Chi and take your physical health and wellness to a much higher level. 
            We will not address the standing and moving practices here, so please be sure and contact your nearest instructor for these most beneficial physical practices, or come to Tao Garden for the Basic Retreat and learn from the Master.

Chi Kung Means Energy Work in Chinese

Q. What is energy work? 
A.  Energy Work is utilizing the ability to cultivate, refine, transform and guide energy in a specific manner for the purpose of better health OR staying healthy .

When we refer to Chi Kung on this website, we are referring to Healing Chi Kung.  We call it Healing Chi Kung because one of the things a person can do with energy is use it to produce and maintain physical and mental health.

Q.  Who practices/uses Chi Kung?
A.  Any person capable of learning may practice Chi Kung. 
 There are no age, gender, racial, religious or special educational prerequisites for learning Chi Kung.  You can do it with a friend!

Men, women and children alike practice Moving Chi Kung (Martial arts), Standing Chi Kung (postures) and Sitting Chi Kung (meditation).

Q.  Why would I start practicing Healing Chi Kung?
A.  For some, Healing Chi Kung brings about and/or maintains physical wellness as well as an emotional feeling of peace and well being.  For others, there may be a specific physical problem that needs attention. 

Q.  How long has Chi Kung been around?
A.  The Taoist monks and sages taught these formulas to the Emperors over 5000 years ago! 

Each culture has had it’s mystics and healers.  There are those who believe that as long as humans have been in existence, there have been people who are capable of conducting energy (Chi) for the purpose of healing, and that’s HEALING CHI KUNG. 

Every one is different, so the Chi Kung experience is never the same from person to person.  The fact remains, we have choices when it comes to our body and mind.  Healing Chi Kung is one way to open us to the undiluted potential of what it is to be human.


Different Forms Of Healing Chi Kung*

There are three basic forms of Healing Chi Kung:


Sitting Chi Kung is frequently referred to as “meditation”.  The truth is, all three forms of Chi Kung are meditation. There are many ways to meditate beyond the classic  form we’ve seen East Indian Yogi’s do on television.  For example, making art can be a meditation.  Gardening could be a meditation.
Praying is meditation.

Sitting Chi Kung is simply sitting and thinking in an orderly fashion.  We will refer to this orderly fashion as a “formula”.  Formulas were developed on the pretense that if one practices the same thing over and over,  a specific outcome may be achieved.
For example, thinking about being in love often brings about good health as well as feelings of euphoria.  On the same note, worrying may bring on poor digestion and feelings of dread for the future.
A number of elements must be in place before one is capable of performing advanced Chi Kung techniques.  The ability to hold a focus for extended periods is just one of those elements.

Sitting meditation trains the mind.

Standing Chi Kung is also referred to as “postures”.  Many people begin training the physical body with a series of postures which are held for as long as the practitioner deems neccesary (anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes) before seeking martial arts training. 
Each posture facilitates a different end. 
Some postures are used to align a persons physical structure.  Some are used to root a person to the earth.  Some postures are designed to stretch or strengthen the muscles and tendons.  Some postures allow for maximum energy flow through the body.

Standing Chi Kung roots the physical body and begins to develop “structure”.

Moving Chi Kung is any form of energy work in which the physical body moves in a specified fashion while moving energy.  Moving Chi Kung is a tool to train an individual to move Chi through the body to facilitate strength, flexibility and internal energy.
Many think that the martial arts are automatically Chi Kung.  Martial arts become Moving Chi Kung when the practitioner moves Chi as well as the body.  Some people only move their body and never actually make the energetic connection.  Moving the body without moving the Chi is simply exercise.

Moving Chi Kung combines the disciplines of sitting and standing Chi Kung  and adds physical movement to facilitate use and control of energy.

Chi Kung and Organs Energy

We have determined that Healing Chi Kung is the art of conducting energy to facilitate health.  We have determined that there are many ways to conduct this energy.
We have NOT determined where usable sources of energy exist.  
It is important to understand that energy has many sources.  Each source of energy emits a certain quality of energy.  The quality of our internal energy is important to our health.  Just because a person has energy in their body does not make it good.  The emotions of worry and anxiety produce energy.  This energy has potential for causing tight muscles, headaches, stomach problems and insomnia.  The energy is strong and undeniably present, but it is destructive and therefore undesirable.  
So, it is important to cultivate a balanced internal environment to sustain balance in our daily lives.  Chi Kung practitioners believe that we were all born with positive energy (Virtues) and negative energy.  These energies are found in the internal organs.
Each organ contains specific qualities and may be “cultivated” to achieve balance both physically and energetically.  When we are abundant with virtues, our lives tend to flow smooth.  When we neglect to cultivate our virtues, we have a tendency to exude the emotional energies that are prevalent within us.  Medical science acknowledges that the presence of negative emotions can wear down the body’s immune system and bring about phychosematic disorders.

*Most facts gathered from Master Mantak Chia’s book  Awaken Healing Light of the Tao

Step one
Simple Inner Smile  and 6 Healing Sounds

The following is a simple chart to illustrate the root of the Taoist  system of Internal Organs Chi Kung.  It includes corresponding emotions, emotional attributes, colors and healing sounds.  It has been printed in color to correlate the “Healing Color” one may associate with each organ during meditation.

Positive Attribute:  Love
Negative Attribute:  Hatred, Hastiness & Impatience
Sound:  Hawww
Color:  Red

Positive Attribute:  Courage and righteousness
Negative Attribute:  Sadness & depression
Sound:  Sssss
Color:  White

Positive Attribute:  Kindness
Negative Attribute:  Anger
Sound:  Shhhhh
Color:  Green

Positive Attribute:  Gentleness
Negative Attribute:  Fear
Sound:  Chooo
Color:  Blue

Spleen & Pancreas
Positive Attribute:  Fairness & Openness
Negative Attribute:  Worry & Anxiety
Sound:  Whooo
Color:  Golden 


Combine the three energy centers
Blend fire from the heart with coolness from the reproductive organ region (your groin), then, while you inhale, bring the cool mist up to the head to cool the brain.  Let this mist rise above the head a few inches to allow the Universe to purify it.
Let the cool, purified mist drop down through the entire body and FLUSH any excess heat or toxins out through the hands and feet.
Strive to attain a balanced energy throughout the body.
Sound:  Heeee
Emotion:  Balance


To properly use this meditation, one MUST SMILE.   A smile is the magic ingredient needed to send a message of health to the organ.  A genuine smile starts in the eyes and then spreads to the lips.  Let’s see some teeth!

1.  Smile to the organ.  
2.  While smiling to the organ, imagine the corresponding color in the form of a colorful mist in front of your face.
3.  Smile and inhale this mist directly to the organ.
4.  Fill the organ with the Healing Color AND the Positive Attribute (emotion).  Keep smiling!
5.  Exhale and imagine a gray,cloudy mist filled with the Negative Attribute (emotion) exiting your mouth.
6.  Let the negative color/emotion fall into the earth where it may be transformed.

Repeat this process for each organ three times (Triple warmer three times as well)

Step two
The Wu Chi

When you are fininshed, let the positive attributes of each organ come together in the form of a bright white pearl right behind your belly button.  We will call this spot your Tan Tien (your center).

Let this beautiful pearl sit in the Tan Tien and just know it is there.  It will get brighter as you do more practice.  We will use it at a later time.

For now, just take a couple of minutes and rest after you do your “practice”.  Go to the place of NOTHINGNESS.  We call this place of nothingness the Wu Chi.  The Wu Chi is the place of undiluted potential.  Go to the Wu Chi and let the “practice” do what it needs to do in your body.

Even too much joy is still too much.
When studying Chinese medicine, it is important to understand the concept of balance.  Positive and negative, dark and light, male and female.
When practicing Chi Kung, one strives to attain balance in the physical, mental and energetic bodies.
We must remember that no person is ALL good or ALL bad. The concept of balance produces women who are in touch with their ability feel sadness as well as their ability to feel courage.  We want to express positive and negative feelings in a balanced and free fashion.  Just think of all the money we would save in therapy if we were not raised to repress our feelings.

We have a chance to give ourselves a real gift.  Balance.  Learn balance and watch how it spreads.
Circulate and refine Chi in the MicroCosmic Orbit
From the book Awaken Healing Light of the Tao by Master Mantak Chia.


In all Eastern traditions, meditative practices calm and focus the mind. The Healing Tao meditative practices do this by focusing on the movement of chi. When you circulate your chi in the Micro-cosmic Orbit, you refine and distill it, creating a better quality of energy, or chi, for your body. The Microcosmic Orbit is made up of two channels, the Back Channel and the Front Channel (traditionally called the Governor Channel and the Conception Channel, respec­tively, in Chinese medicine). These channels are formed during the earliest development of the fetus in the womb. The fetus, which resembles a flat disk, folds over to create a seam, which becomes the midline along the front of your body, or the Front Channel. The fold opposite the seam forms our spine and spinal cord, or the Back Channel. The front seam is not as noticeable, but when a woman is pregnant a dark line, called the linea nigra, often appears up the center of her belly, which is why the Front Channel is referred to as the Conception Channel.
The Back Channel begins at the perineum and runs from the tip of the tailbone, up along the spine to the crown of the head and then over the forehead, ending between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip where there’s an indentation. The Front Channel runs from the tip of your tongue to your throat and along the midline of your body down to your pubis and per­ineum. Touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth completes the Microcosmic Orbit. There is an indentation approximately a quarterinch behind the teeth as the roof of the mouth curves up­ward, and it is through here that the energy descends most easily from your brain and moves through your tongue and down your throat and chest to your abdomen.
We begin the Microcosmic Orbit by bringing the energy from our brains down the Front Channel to our abdominal center using the Inner Smile exercise. At this point, you might be thinking, “What brain energy? I don’t have any left up there!” You may not have the clear-thinking and feeling energy that you need, but the great majority of us in this sped-up, always-on world have plenty of erratic energy. We sometimes have obsessive energy in our brains that continually compiles our to-do list and berates us for the things we have not yet accomplished. Or our minds may narrate our every experience with critical and evaluative feedback about our worth or the worth of others. This is the energy that I want you to empty from your brain so that you can fill your mind with the clarity of vital chi.
Chi is flowing through your Microcosmic Orbit even as you read this. Sometimes it moves like a free-flowing river, and sometimes it moves only in a trickle. When we open our Microcosmic Orbit and consciously circulate our chi, our energy flows through it with more ease, which contributes to our overall health. However, there are “energy centers” along the orbit where the energy gathers and can be multiplied or where energy can slow down or become “stuck,” if that center isn’t open. Some of these, such as the navel and the third eye, we have already discussed. The other “rest stops” along the chi highway are noted in the illustration above.
Let’s look at the locations of each of the energy centers. Keep in mind that these are not finite points, and that if you’re in the general vicinity, you will be able to feel and collect the energy there. Also, they are not located at the surface of your skin, but underneath your skin approximately 1 to 1.5 inches. For example, the Back Channel doesn’t travel up the surface of your back, but actually through the inside of your spinal column, where the spinal chord is located.
The Back Channel, as I’ve said, begins at the perineum, which is a short, muscular area between your vagina and your anus. The next center is your coccyx, or tailbone, which is at the tip of your sacrum. The sacrum forms an upside-down triangle at the base of your spine. The next center, called the Door of Life by the Taoists, is located at the small of your back, directly across from your navel. The T-ll center, which is the llth thoracic vertebrae, is located midway along your spine, directly across from your solar plexus. The next center is located between the fifth and sixth thoracic vertebrae, just across from your breasts and your heart center. The C-7 center, which is the seventh cervical vertebrae, is located at the base of the neck. You can sometimes feel a prominent bone in your spine where the neck meets the upper back; this is C-7. The Jade Pillow can be found at the base of the skull in a central, natural indentation. The next center is the crown of the head, which is the very apex, or highest point, of your skull. The third eye, then, as we’ve seen, is midway between and just above your eyebrows.

Though not an energy center, per se, the Front Channel begins at the upper palate, or the roof of your mouth. The first energy center of this channel is the throat center, located at the indentation at the base of your throat. The heart center is in the middle of your chest, over your sternum, or breastbone, and between your breasts. The solar plexus is located several inches below the sternum, midway between the lowest ribs. Your navel center, with which you are already familiar, is, of course, just behind the navel. Below your navel is an important center for women, the Ovarian Palace. This center can easily be located by placing your thumbs over your navel and letting your fingers fan over your abdomen, as shown in the il­lustration. Where your forefingers meet is just over your Ovarian Palace, which overlies the main body of the uterus.
Although it is helpful to know exactly where each center is, it is not necessary for your practice. Remember that the chi flows natu­rally from one point to another. If you’re not sure of the exact spot for the center, focus on the general area while moving your chi. For many beginning students, however, learning the points along the Microcosmic Orbit are important in order to fully sense the movement of their chi. For others, the points are confusing or overwhelming. I would suggest that you try doing the Microcosmic Orbit by moving from point to point since this will help you learn the energy route in detail and make sure that there are no blockages along the way. If it is difficult or distracting, it is fine to abbreviate the prac­tice as I demonstrate in the Basic Microcosmic Orbit exercise. In this abbreviated orbit, you focus on the crown of the head, the heart center, and the abdominal center. After you are able to sense the flow of your chi through the orbit using these three points, it may be easier to feel each of the points on the full Microcosmic Orbit.



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