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How to Develop Inner Beauty and Outer Radiance
By Jutta Kellenberger, Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor

The Microcosmic Orbit
            The opening of the Microcosmic Orbit is the most important practice of all the Chi Kung exercises. The microcosmic orbit balances our Yin and Yang energies in the body and develops the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
            Furthermore it opens two of the most important energy channels of the body, he governor and regulator channels. When chi is moving in the microcosmic orbit we are connected to the universal energy. By practicing the exercises and meditations of the Universal Tao or Tao Yoga system regularly one develops special mental abilities.

When we practice the Six Healing Sounds regularly we learn to connect with ourselves, to the feelings in our major organs. Through the vibration of the sound and through the arm and hand movements we release negative emotions from the emotional body of the organ and energize the organ with positive life force energy. By practicing the Six Healing Sounds we release negative charge and activate our innate self-healing power.

The Six Healing Sounds are practiced as follows:
1. Smile and breath into the organ and with the "Y" power (eye- mind- heart-power) feel into the organ.
2. Look left and right into your organ and "see" (turning eyes inward) if you find any negative energy in it.
3. Practice the respective sound..................and with your eyes open release negative energy through the sound.
4. Breath universal energy charged with the respective color into the organ and smile into it.
5. Bring back the positive feeling and multiply it.
6. Repeat each sound 3 times.
    The colors for each sound: lungs - white / kidneys - blue / liver - green / heart - red / spleen – yellow.

Jade Egg Practice: Strengthening the Pelvic Floor
            The wise women in ancient China knew the many positive effects of the jade egg practice. Taoist women use the jade egg to strengthen the PC or Chi–muscle, the major muscle in the pelvic floor, in order to increase Jing Chi (sexual energy) and Chi (bio-electro magnetic power). This strengthens our resistance and it relaxes, calms and heals our psyche.
            Using the egg prevents sinking of the uterus, the bladder and the intestine and also repairs these organs. Through the practice with the jade egg we experience increased blood circulation which results in more feeling in the vagina channel. Furthermore it helps with menstrual problems and depression. Especially after giving birth or post-menopause, or when experiencing a weakening of the pelvic floor a woman should practice with an egg. Women who have been emotionally wounded and/or traumatized should also practice with the egg. Emotional charge releases through the contractions and concentration on the egg and feeling in the PC muscle is restored.
            In addition, a woman gains control over her own sexual energy when she practices with a jade egg. The practice with a jade egg is also important for our spiritual development.
            Formed from the semi-precious stone jade, the egg itself increases sexual sensibility and is good for the kidneys and the bladder. Jade has also been used to enhance fertility by wearing it on the body. Moreover this semi-precious stone exists in numerous varieties and is very pretty. For a body-conscious woman regular play with a jade egg should be just as important for her personal health care as brushing her teeth.

            As there are very few nerves in the vaginal canal it is normal at the beginning that a woman cannot feel the jade egg very well.  Through regular practice one can experience the jade egg in the vagina much better and can move the egg upwards towards the uterus and down which results in joy of life and inner strength. Playing with the egg in the vagina for a few minutes every day is enough to create good results.

Sleeping with the jade egg inside the vagina acts as an anti-depressant. It increases circulation and keeps the vagina elastic and lubricated during and after menopause. The reference for ordering a jade egg is available by email via orders@universal-tao.com or from our on-line shop www.universal-tao.com/products/

How big should the jade egg be?

In general a medium sized egg is good for almost every woman. However when a woman has a narrow pelvis and does not yet have children, a small sized jade egg is good to start with. Women who have a wider pelvis can try to hold a bigger egg first.

How do I practice with the jade egg?
            The jade egg has a small hole through it through which we thread a long piece of waxed dental floss (without flavor) of which we dispose after every usage. Twist the two ends of the waxed dental floss together and slip it through the hole in the jade egg. Now move the two open ends of the dental floss through the loop made by the thread on the other side of the egg and pull it. Pull the thread around the egg such that it hangs down from the narrower part of the egg. The egg shape causes a holding muscle reflex in the vagina.

            Through conscious muscle contractions the egg moves up the vagina channel towards the uterus and back down. Awareness of the muscles and organs in the lower part of the body will increase and with increased blood circulation the immune system is boosted. Proneness to fungal infections or bladder infection is reduced. Menstrual pain disappears when we also practice Ovarian Breathing.

            Before we insert the clean jade egg we practice the Inner Smile meditation and with warm hands we massage the breasts, the sacrum, the groin and around the vagina. Another preparation practice is the bellows breathing and the reverse breathing. This we practice around 100 times to lubricate the vagina channel. Further to this we can lubricate the jade egg either with a little saliva or with a neutral gel so that it slides easily into the vagina.

            In the vagina channel are three ring muscles that we want to train with the jade egg exercise. The first muscle is located at the entrance of the vagina. The second muscle is located in the middle of the vagina. The third muscle is located right below the cervix at the end of the vagina channel. It is advisable to insert the egg in a lying position and train the muscle contractions in the vagina in this position until we develop a good feeling for the location of the jade egg in the vagina. Then we practice the same contractions in a standing position and when we can hold the egg inside we can leave it in throughout the whole day or night.

            To strengthen the vagina channel and the pelvic floor we stand in the Chi Kung (Qigong) stance (feet parallel, shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, sacrum tucked in, spinal cord upright) on a soft floor such as a carpet.

            After inserting the egg we train the muscles by contracting and releasing them to locate the jade egg in the vagina. When feeling the egg we press on the narrower end of it with the vagina muscle moving it upwards towards the uterus. Then we relax the vagina muscles and push the egg lightly to make it come down towards the entrance of the vagina.

            Just before the egg slides out we hold it with the muscle at the beginning of the vagina and start anew to press it upwards towards the uterus. This way we can 'play' several times with our Jade egg. We may increase the practice and try it with two eggs by pushing one egg up the vagina channel and then insert a second egg. Now we press both eggs together and when we have strong muscles we can even hear the sound from the two eggs clapping in the vagina channel. Once we can 'play' with the egg well we apply a weight on the thread of the Jade egg and swing the weight front and back by standing in the Chi Kung stand. A trained vagina muscle can hold the egg with a weight that is attached to the thread. With continued practice we can increase the weight of the weigh. This practice strengthens the entire pelvic floor, the vagina channel and the uterus like no other exercise.

How do we remove the Jade egg?
            Take some time for removing the egg and don't just pull it out on the thread. Consciously relax the vagina channel and with gentle pressure let it slide out. In case this cannot be done pull lightly on the thread and at the same time help with your muscles in the vagina to push it out. Another way is to keep the egg inside the vagina and whenever you think of it do muscle contractions on the egg. This is a good training and when you laugh or sneeze it will come out by itself.

Cleaning of the Jade egg
           Before the first usage swing the egg in boiling water for a few seconds and let it cool down and after the preparation practice mentioned in the chapter "How do I practice with the jade egg" begin with the egg exercise. After every use clean it with boiling water, loosen the dental floss und move it in the hole front and back to remove mucus. Then dispose the dental floss. You may energize your egg in the sun or place it at full moon on your windowsill.

Breast Massage and Ovarian Breathing:
           Before we insert the egg we may practice the Breast Massage and the Ovarian Breathing. This ancient Taoist Female practice has innumerous benefits: When practicing the below explained practice regularly it prevents breast, uterus, ovarian cancer or cysts and myoma. It prevents the uterus or bladder to drop, balances our entire hormone system and that has different effects on women:

1. No more pre-menstrual syndrome, like cramps, swelling of the breasts, 
moodiness, constipation etc.

2. Menses that have stopped before menopause can come back.

3. Improves fertility for becoming pregnant. 

4. Prevents negative side effects during menopause.

5. Sexual interest will stay also after menopause.

6. Increases sexual pleasure during love making.

7. Becoming multi orgasmic.

The practice of the Breast Massage and Ovarian Breathing:
           Rub your hands warm and massage the sacrum with your warm hands until the bone feels warm. With warm hands rub the groin area, the kidneys and the abdomen warm. Place your hands on your breasts and smile into it, smile into your heart and feel happy and joyful within. Massage the breasts around the nipples in circular motion in both directions about 100 times, rest for a while by bringing your arms down on your thighs. Bring smiling and awareness (mind, eye, heart power 'Y') into your ovaries and massage your ovaries until they feel warm and tingling. Now connect the energy of the breast with your ovaries through the opening of the nine flowers, which means to spiral in small circles from the breast down to the ovaries. Feel the energy from your breasts activating the energy (Jing Chi) in your ovaries. Smile into the ovaries, spiral in your ovaries with your eyes and gently contract it, visualize your ovaries contracting and releasing. With our awareness mind connect the ovaries with your uterus and gently contract your uterus. Keep on massaging the breasts and connect it to the ovaries and uterus, feel the warm Jing Chi from the ovaries and guide it into the uterus. Smile into the uterus and feel it filled with warm energy, let this feeling of warm energy flow down into the pelvic floor and gently contract the pelvis towards the coccyx. Smile into your spinal cord and with your eyes guide the warm energy from the coccyx up towards the T11, C7, Base of the Scull and up to the crown. Spiral with your eyes in your crown, clockwise and counter clockwise about nine rounds each side. Smile towards the North Star and feel the connection. Finally guide Jing Chi along the front channel (functional channel) down and collect it in the lower Tantien.

Useful Information
           The practice with a Jade egg is an important part of the Taoist energy work for women and should be practiced together with the practice of the Breast Massage and Ovarian Breathing. These practices are from the Tao Yoga or Universal Healing Tao system, a complete system to develop body, mind and spirit. This system consists of various Chi Kung exercises to increase our life force (Chi). The increased life force energy is used in the Taoist Energy Meditation practice of the Fusion of the Five Elements to open the eight psychic channels. This system is taught in courses and passed down in book. The teaching has to be transmitted by Grandmaster Mantak Chia or by a Certified Instructor. For more information please contact www.universal-tao.com.

Universal Healing Tao offers instruction far more in depth than these pages offer.  We highly recommend going to www.universal-tao.com and looking for a Certified Instructor to help you and support you through this process.  When you are ready, you may also come to Tao Garden and take the Basic Retreat or instructor retreats to learn and study the Jade Egg Practice.  Be sure to read the book Healing Love Through the Tao – Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Grandmaster Mantak Chia for more detailed information.

Universal Healing Tao Senior Instructor, Jutta Kellenberger is born in Germany. As teenager she could foresee events of her family and friends and was drawn to mysticism and shamanism. Despite of her conservative background, where she had a degree in English economy she became air-hostess and traveled to meet with different cultures and believe systems searching for applicable information on how to develop body, mind and spirit.

Jutta and Walter (husband) are leading instructors at Tao Garden, assisting Master Chia in his Summer and Winter Retreats in the instructor evaluation weeks. In the past years they have been asked to teach the Universal Tao system in many different countries. Jutta enjoys teaching the ancient Taoist wisdom on healing body, mind and spirit in her Female Healing Retreats where women learn to feel and cultivate their ovarian energy for self healing and spiritual development. www.juttakellenberger.com/


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