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A short introduction by Sarina Stone,
Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor

While in Tao Garden I met a doctor from Kiev.  She explained to me that the breast massage we teach through Universal Healing Tao is so important to women because it is a natural way to induce the body to release estrogen.  Estrogen is considered a Yin hormone in Taoism as it produces more gentle, feminine results in the body.  Breast massage, when performed for approximately five minutes, may bypass the need for creams and pills to raise a woman’s estrogen level (work with your doctor on this point to ensure you are producing desired results).  Her research also showed the estrogen levels did not increase if the breasts were massaged for more than five minutes, so a woman cannot over do the massage as the body has a natural cut off valve for this important hormone (which is really nice for those who enjoy this healthy practice!).
Conversely, when a woman practices the full Healing Love system for controlling menstruation, she releases a group of Yang, or masculine, hormones during the process of massaging the ovaries, uterus and liver.  She releases Yang hormones when she practices the contracting, upward draw as well.  It is the combination of techniques in Taoist Healing Love for Women that produces a balancing effect on the hormone system.  For more information about this practice, please contact your nearest certified Universal Healing Tao instructors.

For the purposes of this web page, I offer to you excerpts from Master Mantak Chia’s books regarding breast massage, and a few additional notes.  These pages offer a simple form of massage, which may help keep the breasts healthy and avoid stuck Chi and the manifestations of congestion in this area. Any woman may enhance her awareness and improve her health by practicing breast massage, smiling to her beautiful body, and sending a loving message to her breasts while doing so.

Sarina Stone is a Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor many times over. She began studying Taoist Meditation under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia in 1990. After certifying as a massage therapist in 1994, she began combining meditation, bodywork, and nutrition while teaching and treating students around the world. Her light-hearted, open approach to the Taoist practices has made her a Universal Healing Tao and media favorite internationally.

Miss Stone currently teaches Medical Chi Kung in workshop and retreat formats, and is available for University lectures, television and radio interviews.

Breast Massage

Breast Cancer is a leading cause of Cancer death in women. Many believe eating a chemical free diet and performing breast massage regularly to stimulate the lymph in and around the breast tissue can prevent it. In the interest of broadening our awareness of the body’s ever-changing state of health, we suggest that once a month, ideally after each menstrual period, women regularly incorporate into their practice a simple technique of breast self-examination for early detection of breast cancer. Always look thoroughly for any changes that your breasts may have undergone since your last checkup. Stand in front of a mirror and become familiar with their appearance. Is there any unusual dimpling or puckering of the skin, discoloration, ulceration, hardening or lump? Have the superficial blood vessels grown larger or increased in number? Has the size, shape or contour of your breasts changed? Next, elevate your hands above your head and ask yourself the same questions.

The importance of a preliminary massage before practicing the Egg Exercise and Vaginal Weight Lifting cannot be overlooked.
However, breast massage alone is still recommended even if you do not do any other form of self-cultivation.  Breast massage alone may be performed up to tree times a week and is recommended for approximately five minutes.  Its purpose is to stimulate hormone secretion from the breasts and ovaries as well as preventing Chi and physical debris from accumulating in the lymph and tissue.

Once ejected from their glandular source, these hormones become available for transformation into higher energy as they travel along the pathway of the MicroCosmic Orbit. Performing the massage with a silk or taffeta cloth creates a certain friction which is more conducive to hormonal stimulation and is, therefore, more efficient in obtaining results.

Begin the Massage

Find a few minutes, a safe, quiet, clean, good smelling environment, and a comfortable place to recline. 
SMILE.  Smile to your beautiful breasts.  Smile to your open, loving, red heart.  Let the red color of love radiate outward and fill your breasts with a pink glow.
Begin the massage by gently but firmly pushing the fatty tissue of the mound of each breast against the rib cage, moving two or three fingers of each hand in small circular movements. Be sure to focus on the nipples by massaging the central nipple areas and work your way around and outward until each entire breast has been massaged. Continue for approximately five minutes.
When using a cloth both sizes can be worked simultaneously if a long enough piece of cloth is used (three feet by ten feet is a good size to work with).  When using oil or lotion, be sure there are no harmful chemicals.  Less is more, so consider a nice organic oil which may nourish and moisturize the skin.
Be observant of the body’s signals that the hormone secreting process has begun: erect nipples and a subtle filling or hardness of the breast is a positive indicator. Breast massage will increase the energy flow to the breasts, thereby helping to break down congestion. 

It’s just that simple.

Many women have shared stories of hardened lymph nodes in the breasts that drain after only two or three massages.  Some women have gentler periods over time.  Other women enjoy the aesthetic benefits of firmer skin and fuller breasts. As you explore this wonderful practice, you will develop your own technique and have your own experience.  We invite you to share your experiences and testimonials by sending an email to universaltao@universal-tao.com

Breast massage is not a replacement for a check up by your doctor.  Our hope is that your practice will yield healthy results and your physician will verify this when you are examined.

Also, if you ingest toxic food, liquid, smoke, and hold negative thoughts for prolonged periods, you may need a lot more than massage to combat the toxic build up in your body.


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